The Body is a cage, the body is caged

The Body is a cage, the body is caged

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This program in 3 parts is best viewed as a whole — as one long essay with 10 films, broken by two pauses. I curated this program from a personal vantage point, juxtaposing works by different visual artists and filmmakers, including my own work, to explore themes relevant to our current challenges. THE BODY IS A CAGE, THE BODY IS CAGED accompanies bodies that move—and fail to move—through the human grid, from borders to cultural mythologies of gender and class. The body is the “I”-Object, our degraded camera-obscura. Anna Zett investigates how dinosaurs came to play a pivotal role in the mythical imagination of the US, whereas Matthew Lax ironically stages what our zeitgeist dictates to be the new kind of body, the computer-generated one, a byproduct of the global hi-tech industry. Cary Cronenwett laments the death of a soulmate who dreamt of pirates navigating through gender. Jaakko Palasvuo addresses a tourist in Milan, while my characters are immigrants in Berlin with a broken sense of home. Forough Farrokhzad documents people in a leper colony, prevented from transitioning back to society. Heinz Emigholz films Robert Maillart’s beamless arched bridges as Neha Choksi crosses water on a boat of melting ice.

– Lior Shamriz


Film Program – 1

Anna Zett
47 minutes

The animated dinosaurs of Hollywood cinema meet the petrified ghosts of colonial science. Dig sites become crime scenes, and fossils turn into characters, determined to play a main part in the mythical history of the US-American West.


Lior Shamriz
18 minutes

Eleanor, an Israeli experimental musician living in Berlin, discovers what ruins her life: “I think that Germany is responsible for 9/11.


Film Program – 2

Matthew Lax
7 minutes

Androgynous figures struggle to execute various labors within a bleak, vacuous monoculture. Addressing the inherent violence of the real and the simulated, as  well as the dubious pleasure of witnessing, narratives of safety, risk  and use-value are tested via 3D-rendered, plastic surrogates.

Anna Zett
13 minutes

Circuit Training dedicates 12 minutes of screen time to a nameless deity of  secular culture, alternating between states of rest and attention. In the boxing ring – a square in fact – monologue is promised to turn into dialogue, despite the vulnerable materiality of the human nervous system.

BLADDER (2018)
Jaakko Pallasvuo
9 minutes

An essay film exploring transitory embarrassment, travel and independence.

FOR FLO (2013)
Cary Cronenwett
11 minutes

A requiem by transgender filmmaker Cary Cronenwett to his late friend and collaborator Flo who died at the Haiti earthquake of 2010.

ICEBOAT (2013)
Neha Choksi
13 minutes

Iceboat is a video of a performance in February 2012. The artist dresses in white, as if a renunciate or a devotee, and sets herself to row a boat of ice until the boat melts and releases her into the waters.


Film Program – 3

Lior Shamriz
25 minutes

Lost love, lost artistic collaboration, the two are meeting for one night as she briefly visits the city where he still lives.

Forough Farrokhzad
22 minutes

A 1963 short documentary by poetess Forough Farrokhzad, looking at life and suffering in a leper colony.

Heinz Emigholz
24 minutes

In this captivating and informative documentary filmmaker Heinz Emigholz continues his exploration of architecture as autobiography by examining the work of legendary bridge- builder Robert Maillart, who revolutionized concrete based construction.